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Child Car Seat Inspection

Saturday, January 25, 2014 10am - 1:30pm
Certified technicians will inspect your child car seat free of charge - and show you how to correctly install and use it.

Motor Vehicle crashes are one of the single greatest killers of Americans. 
An average of 117 people die each day in motor vehicle crashes - about 1 every 12 minutes.
Injury prevention is a process to reduce or decrease injuries or death due to injury.
"FREE" educational service!  We teach you how to properly install your child passenger seat.  Education service, not an installation service.
Please bring 1 vehicle, car seat, and the child to the appointment if possible, bring a second adult to watch child while we install your seat with you.
Each appointment will take approximately 1/2 hour per seat.  Please call us to Schedule your appointment (Remember 1 appointment needed per seat) at NCPD Community Affairs - (516) 573-7360
When you call please be prepared to supply (or you can email to the following information:

Appointment Date / Time
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Vehicle Make:
Type of Seat: (Infant, Convertible, Forward-Facing, Booster, 3-IN-1, or Combination)
Seat Make:
Seat Model:
Seat DOB:
This information should be easy to find on the labels on the seat itself.
Has your seat been checked for recalls?
You can check for recalls on NHTSA's Recall List:
Child info:
How did you hear of our program:
Please bring both your manuals for your car and the car seat.  You may need to go online and print your manual if you don't have it.  If you are bringing an infant carrier please make sure to bring both the base and seat!
If anything changes please email us at or call the NCPD Community Affairs office at 516-573-7360 and if you can't make your appointed time please cancel with us so we can free it up for someone else.


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