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The Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring program is based on five areas of emphasis: Career Opportunities, Life Skills, Citizenship, Character Education and Leadership Experience.

An important goal of law enforcement exploring is to help young adults be responsible and caring people, both now and in the future.  Exploring uses "character education activities" to help young adults develop the ability to make responsible choices that reflect their concern for what is at risk and for the people involved.

Because Exploring is voluntary, youth are receptive to new ideas, experiences, and relationships. For the Explorer these relationships provide a connection to new ways of thinking and acting as well as a new identity as a responsible young adult.

Teenagers want to belong to a group that provides a supportive place from which they can address the issues that affect them as they grow and develop. These issues include becoming more independent, developing social relationships, re-evaluating values and undergoing physical and psychological changes.

Explorers tell us that they have learned to step up and take charge in critical situations and have developed greater self-esteem. The hands on experience in community policing and problem solving, as well as the professional training received, prepares them for successful careers in the area of Law Enforcement.

Youth Benefits

  • Stimulated interest in continual education
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Career information; insight into future vocation
  • Positive alternative to negative youth activities, such as drug abuse and involvement with gangs
  • Sense of acceptance and belonging to the "right" group
  • Safe environment for adult like activities
  • Opportunities to participate in practical, real and meaningful hands-on experiences
  • New career and personal skills
  • Opportunities to try leadership roles and develop skills
  • Cooperative relationship between adults and youth
  • Service to others

Youth Development

Youth development researches have developed the following framework of developmental assets that give young people a strong foundation for life:

  • Support - Received support from family, teachers, and other adults.
  • Empowerment - Feel useful and safe.
  • Boundaries and expectations - Move in an environment with rules, structure and high expectations.
  • Constructive use of time - Spend time creatively on hobbies and with friends.
  • Commitment to learning and positive values - Learn honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, as well as to care for others, and act on this knowledge.

Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring

The Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring program is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organized program, which is funded by private and corporate donations and administered by a Board of Directors, the Nassau County Police Department, and the Theodore Roosevelt Learning for Life Council.

To make a donation use the Support Us link or for more information, please contact us at 516-573-7360 or by email at

Community Service

 The Nassau County Police Explorers take pride in helping serve the community through community service activities. Whether it is a charity event, walk, dance, detail, or more, they are always ready to lend a helping hand. Below is a list of a few community services the Explorers have participated in in the past.

 Details: The Nassau County Police Explorers have helped at many detail events, or events where their presence was need for help with various tasks. For example, at the Martin Luther King Junior Luncheon, the Explorers are there to help open the doors and greet guests. At many details, the drill team’s color guard presents the colors to the event. This team has even presented the colors at numerous Ducks games over the summer.

 Explorer Community Awareness Program: This community service opportunity also known as ECAP is where the Nassau County Police Explorers will go door to door in the community informing people about crime prevention measures including how to avoid being a victim of a crime, information about the ShotSpotters program and more.

National Night Out Against Crime: As the title suggests, this a nationwide event that focuses on the community learning about crime prevention measures from their local police department. The event also developments the key relationship between the community and their police force. At this event, the Nassau County Police Explorers help the Nassau County Police Department inform the guests about any crime prevention policies that have been in place such as ShotSpotters. At past National Night Out Against Crime events the Explorers have helped with the program Kids Pix which provides children with an identification packet including their fingerprints and photo ID. In addition, the Explorers help during the candle vigil which is an annual tradition at this event.

 Polar Bear Plunge: During the winter, the Nassau County Police Explorers head to a local body of water to help out at the event called the “Polar Bear Plunge.” At this charity event, people raise money and then could go into the freezing cold water for the cause. During past events, Explorers have the option to either take the plunge for charity or provide security and help out wherever is needed.

 Rosemary Kennedy Event: Twice a year, once in the spring, and once during the winter, the Nassau County Police Explorers help out the Fraternal Order of Police with their dance they hold for the special needs students at the Rosemary Kennedy School. During the spring, the theme is the beach complete with sunglasses being handed out to all the kinds. As for the winter, the Explorers hand out Christmas hats and even Santa makes a visit. The day is all about the kids at the school so the Explorers interact with them by serving them a lunch of pizza and then after dancing with the kids. For many, this event is one of the Explorers favorites since they are regarded to the kids as real police officers and because they really get to make the kids’ days.

 Walks/Races: The Nassau County Police Explorers help out at many races or walks during the year providing any assistance needed. These walks include the Gary Farley 5K in honor of fallen Police Officer Gary Farley. At these events the Explorers are used as man power where they will help hand out water to the runners, give out t-shirts, help out with registration, and more. Some Explorers even opt to participate in the race.

Training and Competitions

Once in the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, the Nassau County Police Explorers are able to learn about different scenarios that are encountered in the real police field. These scenarios include: arrest and search, bomb threat, burglary, crime prevention, crime scene search, domestic incident, emergency first aid, hostage negotiation, shoot don’t shoot, traffic accident, traffic stop and finally white collar crime. The Explorers are taught how to respond to each of these scenarios and will actually practice the scenario as a team of four people. In addition, Explorers could try out for the Drill Team that practices military drills and who perform the color guard at local events. These trainings are good for team building, command presence, arrest skills, and more. The skills are put to the test at various competitions throughout the year including, the Nassau County Police Explorer Competition, the New York City Explorer Competition in the winter and spring, and the National Competition held biannually against the entire country.

Police Academy

 The Nassau County Police Explorers are able to attend the annual Nassau County Police Academy held in the summer which gives them an experience modeled after being in the real academy once recruited to the police force. The Explorers go through physical training, drills, scenarios, tactic training, and more. In addition, the Explorers have the opportunity to attend the New York Area Police Academy which is a three week long experience. During the first two weeks, it is all about instruction in the classroom, physical training, and drills. During the last week, the Explorers go camping upstate to compete in competitions and do team building activities. The academy experiences are a great way to learn things that you should expect when you are actually in the real academy.


            The Nassau County Police Explorers also have the unique opportunity to watch demonstrations, sometimes hands on by many different departments in the Nassau County Police Department. The Explorers have had demonstrations by the Bureau of Special Operations (BSO), the K9 unit, the Marine Control Unit, Crime Scene Unit, and more. This allows the Explorers to be exposed to all parts of the Law Enforcement field and really opens their eyes to the different career opportunities.


Honorary Chairman
Lawrence W. Mulvey (Ret.)

Commissioner of Police
Nassau County Police Department

Mario J. Doyle, CPP

Stephen Norman


Learn what it takes to make it in the challenging field of law enforcement.

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